History of the Solas Croi Spa

When Paddy & Patricia Quinn bought the late Five Counties Hotel in 1996, they had a clear vision for its future and immediately set about their task.

Whilst always sensitive to maintaining intimacy, warmth and charm at the old country manor, the Brandon House Hotel was expanded to 78 en-suite bedrooms. The next stage was to build a state of the art leisure centre, and to incorporate within it Ireland’s first Hydrotherapy Grotto. Yet, the vision was not complete.
After much research, Paddy found a photograph in a magazine that captured his imagination and would potentially end his long quest for a building design worthy of becoming the home for his most ambitious project.

However, upon enquiry the photograph was not a building at all, but a model of the architect's concept. After much travelling to Germany and the collaboration between Paddy's practicality and architect Horst Malman's creativity, the model finally became a reality – unique in the world.

Three years of hard work later and with a determination not to compromise on what Paddy had initially set out to achieve, the Brandon House Hotel are justifiably proud to announce the Solas Croí Eco Spa.

The ethos at Solas Croí is to get away from the harsh chemicals, invasive procedures and prohibitive expense associated with many spa’s, and to open its door to everyone. Naturally as much care and attention has been taken in selecting a highly skilled, motivated and experienced team.

Treatments are primarily based on the Ayurvedic lifestyle. Ayurveda is the name given to the ancient Indian science of life and is said to have originated more than 4000 years ago - The goal being to restore your natural balance and re-establish your inner calm and harmony. To help achieve this, the spa has 4 spherical floors of truly unique and distinctive experiences including Ireland’s first Via Sensus Japanese stone walk.

At Solas Croí, we continue with the Brandon House Hotel ethos; soulful, with a 'no problem' attitude.