At the Brandon House Hotel & Solas Croi Spa, we prioritise sustainability by reducing waste and energy consumption whilst maintaining and enhancing our excellent levels of comfort, service and safety. By implementing industry best practices, we aim to minimise our environmental impact while continuing to provide exceptional experiences for our guests and improving our environmental conditions with the aim of benefiting future generations.

Our Aims


  • To reduce the consumption of energy, water, and resources.
  • To adopt a philosophy of reducing, reusing, and recycling materials used by our hotel, whenever possible.
  • To minimise our pollution output as much as possible.
  • To educate our team at The Brandon House Hotel on how they can positively impact the planet.
  • To provide guests with the upmost comfort during their stay, whilst making the most sustainable choices possible.


Our Current Green Initiatives


  • All lightbulbs in the hotel have been switched to LED.
  • All invoices are now sent by email.
  • Sugar cubes have replaced sugar packets in our Library Bar and Gallery Restaurant.
  • We have installed Eco-Friendly toiletry dispensers in our bathrooms.
  • 508 Solar Panels have been fitted to the hotel.
  • Guests are encouraged to receive receipts via email.
  • We have upgraded our heating and water system to become more energy efficient.
  • Hand dryers have been installed in all of the toilets to replace paper towels, with the exception of our accessible facilities.
  • In our Library Bar, biodegradable compostable coffee cups and lids are provided for guests on the go.
  • To reduce the amount of food waste, we have partnered with 'Too Good To Go'
  • Biodegradable packaging is used for the water bottles in the bedrooms
  • Throughout the hotel, we have imporved our waste management system
  • Our Solas Croi Spa uses Elemis products, which has been B Corp certified since 2023
  • Plastic hampers have been replaced with re-useable gift boxes in the Solas Croi Spa
  • The speaker system and alpha sphere beds have been improved to conserve the use of electricity in our Spa
  • To cut down on the use of paper, we take food orders on digital tablets


These are just some of the changes that The Brandon House Hotel & Solas Croi Spa are making for a more sustainable future. We strive to constantly improve our sustainable practices within the hotel. While adding to this list and educating our staff on the impact they have on our planet.